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New Jersey Information: Business & Economics

Find out all you wanted to know about the Garden State including local government, economics and tourism information. Source: Newark Public Library

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Business & Economics

New Jersey Business and Industry Association
"Membership of 1,600 companies promoting business interests in the state."

New Jersey Census Information
"Population, race and other statistics from the Department of Labor's Division of Labor and Analysis.  Site also includes information on income, poverty and worker commutes."

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
"Listings of local chambers, directory of businesses, travel information, and facts about New Jersey."

New Jersey Counties
"County seats, populations and elected officials.  Also links to county data and statistics."

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Professional Boards & Advisory Committees
"Eighty professions are regulated.  Search here for reliable services."

New Jersey Economy at a Glance
"Employment, layoffs, and construction figures from the United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Create basic tables from data representing the last 25 years."

New Jersey Labor Market Information
"Statistics and projections for demographic and economic factors, list of licensed occupations in New Jersey, supply and demand occupational data, etc."

New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Claim
"File or reopen an existing Unemployment Insurance Claim by using the internet."