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Do it Yourself - Home Improvement: Appliances and Electrical Work

Why hire someone to fix something when you can do it yourself?! Find out how with this helpful guide. (Source:

Appliances - Websites

Applicance 411 
Question and answer forums for laundry appliances, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and ovens. Additionally, informative articles cover topics such as home service, what you should know about purchasing replacement parts, and things to consider when purchasing an appliance.

Appliance Repair Guide 
Troubleshooting, tips and advice, and other artices arranged by appliance type. 
Helpful resources such as the appliance "part detective" and appliance repair help.

Electrical Work - Websites

The Circuit Detective 
Troubleshooting procedures, a glossary, and diagrams. 
Refer to the free home wiring projects page for do-it-yourself instructions and information.

Electrical Wiring Tips 
Wiring articles and several free project video clips.

Wire It Yourself 
Step-by-step wiring instructions, tips, links, and handy tools for do-it-yourself repairs and projects.

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