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Cats Subject Guide: Web Resources

Rawr - A pathfinder designed to educate people about cats.

Web Resources Cats
“An Internet guide for pet cats, with feature articles, Website links, and discussion forums. Topics covered include adopting cats, allergies, declawing, feral cats, kitten care, and more.”

Cat Fanciers
"We offer General Information about Cats and Cat Care, Cat Breed Descriptions from Abyssinian to Turkish Van, a wide selection of Cat Shows, Cat Clubs and Registries, the latest Veterinary Medicine documents and resources, Breed Rescue, Feline Welfare, and Shelter Information, and of course many Links to other Cat Related Sites." Also includes a Fanciers Breeder Referral List.”

The Cat Fanciers' Association
"CFA has a long and proud history of progressive action including support for feline health research and for the welfare of all cats. It has maintained a focus on quality in its breed standards, registration and pedigrees, as well as in its judging program, clerking program, and, in alliance with its associated clubs, show production." On this site, "you'll find information on cat shows, cat breeds and cat care, and a showcase of top winning cats."
“Sponsored and written by veterinarians, this informative site provides information about caring for pets (focused mainly on dogs and cats) and about veterinary medicine. Included are articles about pet care, veterinary procedures and drugs, pet services directories, a dictionary of veterinary terms, and news.”

Films on Demand

10 Facts About Cats