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Paying for College Subject Guide: Home

A pathfinder designed to educate people who are looking for ways to pay for college.

Electronic Resources

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
Comprehensive and up to date, this database profiles more than 2,000 of today's most exciting jobs in more than 90 industries as well as providing, career preparation information (including scholarships, academic programs, and non-academic programs), and web resources. (This service was partially funded by the South Jersey Library Cooperative.)

Educational Videos

Print Resources

World Wide Web Resources

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
If you’re interested in going to college, your best bet is to fill out a FAFSA form and see how much you’re eligible to receive from the government.

FastWeb (Financial Aid Search Through the Web)
“A free searchable database of over 180,000 scholarships, grants, loans and fellowships. You can set up a personal profile to search against, and fastWEB can notify you of new sources that match your profile when they are added to the database.”

Financial Aid Information
“This very comprehensive guide to financial aid information on the World Wide Web covers a great deal of information. Take a look at "Scholarships and Fellowships", but keep in mind that this covers graduate as well as undergraduate scholarships. The FAQs (frequently asked questions) are also helpful.”

The Debt-Free College Degree
A guide with tips, advice, and information regarding lowering and eliminating college debt; including information about crowdfunding, scholarships, grants, workstudies, and more.