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Mental Health Subject Guide: Home

A pathfinder designed to educate people about mental health and treatment.

Electronic Resources

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Consumer Health Complete™ (CHC) is the single most comprehensive resource for consumer-oriented health content. It is designed to support patients' information needs and foster an overall understanding of health-related topics, including drugs & alcohol.

World Wide Web Resources

American Psychiatric Association (APA) Public Information Page
Find tips for choosing a psychiatrist, the “Let’s Talk Facts” pamphlet series with useful information on various mental health diseases (Adobe Acrobat Reader required), mental illness health coverage issues, links to check out psychiatric medications and more. Part of APA Online.

APA Help Center
The American Psychological Association (APA) offers information on "How To Find Help with Life's Problems," including when to seek help and where to find it, workplace psychology, stress, depression, family problems, and the connection between mind and body. Searchable and a detailed site map.

Center for Mental Health Services
Welcome to the CMHS Mental Health Services Locator. For state mental health statistics, resources, and services, click on the map below

Internet Mental Health
This site makes good use of frames to organize hundreds of entries on mental disorders, medications, and other topics. Click on a disorder, and you're taken to a menu that includes descriptions, treatments, research, magazine articles, and links to related sites.

Mental Health and Psychology Resources Online
Annotated and rated directory of nearly two thousand psychology and mental health resources on the Internet. Part of the Psych Central pages maintained by Dr. John Grohol, a psychologist and computer consultant.

Mental Health Matters
Information and Resources for Consumers, Professionals, Students, and Supporters.

Mental Health Net
Comprehensive guide to mental health online. Covers information on disorders; such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, substance abuse, and other addictions; professional resources in psychology; psychiatry and social work; journals; and self-help magazines.

NASW Register of Clinical Social Workers
Find a social worker by specialty, location, or name. Provided by the National Association of Social Workers, this site is the online version of their 2001 book/CD-ROM of the same title.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
This organization has created a helpful and timely resource for professionals, patients, and interested bystanders as well. The Helpline Fact Sheets (see bottom part of page) provide concise summaries of disorders while the Education and Research sections include the latest word on disorders, medication, and research, and the Advocacy section provides information on legal rights. Current legislation is spotlighted, and you can join the organization if you wish. The approach is one of advocacy for the mentally ill in a time when all health care is under scrutiny.

NIMH Web Site
This site is about mental health: Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Alzheimer's Disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Schizophrenia, etc. It contains information for the researcher (news & events, grants, contracts, & committees, and research activities) as well as the general public (the public information section provides specifics on "mental disorders, diagnosis and treatment," in addition to links to other NIMH programs such as D/ART, the Depression Awareness Recognition Treatment Program). Searchable. From the National Institutes of Health.

The Anxiety Panic Internet Resource (tAPir)

tAPir is a "self-help resource for those with anxiety disorders," panic attacks, phobias, extreme shyness, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, etc. This grass-roots site provides an index and archive of anxiety-related information on the Web, self-help and professional resources, and online support forums. It "educates users about anxiety's causes and treatments" and "works against the social stigma of mental health illnesses.”

Print Resources

Educational Videos

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